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Jul 30


When you been chasing a girl for months and she finally let u taste it



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Jul 28


Anonymous said: Alot of men will be dragged to the movies to see Fifty Shades of Grey by their wives/girlfriends next year. Will you be one of those poor souls?

There isnt a woman alive or that will be created that will drag me to see a film I dont want to see.  Plus this is about the most attention a shit book/film of that nature will ever get from the kid.  Hopefully that answered your question lmao.

Anonymous said: Why'd you take down your video review of Kiely Williams "Spectacular" video? It was very chuckle provoking...

LMFAO cause honestly it was just not something I wanted on my youtube anymore.  Its really just about my music and my goofiness, nothing more.  Shit was comedy, but yeah, just me.  

Jul 27

Dis Me.

Dis Me.

Jul 24


Jul 23




Jul 20

Anonymous said: So now that you're 30, you think you'll finally settle down with a wife and kids?

Hmmm…its definately a dream of mine to do so.  I know that my mother wants grandchildren…so who knows?