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Jul 20

Anonymous said: So now that you're 30, you think you'll finally settle down with a wife and kids?

Hmmm…its definately a dream of mine to do so.  I know that my mother wants grandchildren…so who knows?

Jul 08

Yall wanna know who I hate???

These “it aint happen to me, so it dont exist” people.
Like the minute you call someone or something folks love out…because THEY aint experience it with their own eyes, its not real.
Even if you have proof.
Like i put up a link on FB where folks in Minnesota was talking about how Bar Louie was racist because of their dress code ( consists of “no overly baggy clothing” “no flat billed caps” and “collarless sports jerseys”
First off, you mean to tell me, that because I didnt curve the bill on my cap…i cant come into a bar? Secondly, so unless its a soccer or rugby jersey…i cant wear one?  
So then who are you talking about Bar Louie?  
And I posted it telling folks that I dont and refuse to support that company, not just for that but because Ive experienced the companies racism PERSONALLY, and you see black people left and right “well every time Im there I get great service” or “A private company has the right to refuse service to whoever they like” or “I dont dress like that, so they arent talking about me.  And for you to state this is about black people makes you racist”.  The fuck?
Quick rundown here:
(not trying to create generalizations because there are folks of each race that do this)
What white person do you know that doesn’t have curved billed baseball caps?
How many black men in America, HONESTLY wear soccer jerseys?
"Long white t shirts" <—- Im tripping?
Overly baggy clothing? Lets guess why that trend was started?  In jail you arent allowed belts, so they had to sag, which then turned into a fad on the streets because thats what ex cons were used to wearing.  Those prisons are overpopulated with who?  Black men.
So who else in the fuck are they talking about idiots?  
This is not saying DONT have a dress code.  This IS saying its a way to say you have a dress code, WITHOUT bigotry.  Most high end restaurants will tell you the dress style, and or if you are required to have on a suit jacket or blazer.  Now is that pointing to a certain race in any way?  No.  But they ARE keeping the look and feel of their venue together without alienating an entire race.
And my experience with the place had nothing to do with my style or my date’s style of dress.  But every thing to do with the fact that we were the only black people there. And received absolutely NO service in a packed Bar Louie, all tables around us were even given water, which we never were.  None of that is here nor there, but you can literally google “Bar Louie Racist” and see PAGES of people who have similar complaints.
…but because you didn’t experience it…its not real?
Got it.  📝
Yall have to stop with that kind of thinking.  Just because I wasn’t beat to near death by a cop, doesn’t mean police brutality doesn’t exist.  Just because a company decided to hire me, instead of this other black man because of how he might have looked, or his sexual preference, doesn’t mean discrimination within that company doesn’t exist.
Dont let your “experience” blind you from whats real.  Your life isn’t the only life.  And the fact that we dont keep that in mind, is killing us all.
Be blessed.

Jul 07

My life is very much like a black grandmother’s screen door…


Jun 29

nomorewaterthefirenexttime said: Hi. I'm boppin to For @Gintel almost a year and a half since you released BIMT2. I love this song, I play it to people because I love it so much, and when I visited Rome while studying abroad this was my theme song. Whenever I'm alone and tryin to get hype, I listen to this song. I love everything about it, from the lyricism to the music! I just like this song so much and thought you'd like to know :PPPP have a good day.

haaaa!  Thank you homie!  If you feel that way about that joint, i feel like this album is gonna really win you over.  My word widdit.  Keep those ears open.

Jun 26


Jun 22

“Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.” — Unknown (via zeichii)

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Jun 19

Social experiment. Reblog if you actually give a shit about men who are victims of rape and domestic abuse.

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Jun 13

Will you watch Dormtainment's Comedy Central Web Series? -


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Jun 08


Jun 04

Anonymous said: y do black people love big nasty butts so much









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